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COVID-19 ? open or not ?

Yes! We are open again! We will only be booking people in one group at a time with a minimum 3 players and a maximum 10 players. Our facility is able to hold groups no bigger than 20 people if you wish to bring more non-players.

Is there an age minimum for children?

Although there is no age limit, I've been working carefully with parents and have found kids younger than 5 experience a much harsher challenge in understanding VR than others. If your child is 5 years old or younger, we have a fun jumping castle and they are more than welcome to try out the VR and see how they go! Feel free to talk to our staff about any concerns you may have.

How do I book a special event or party?

The best way to book is over a phone call, my schedule can get very busy so I ask for at least a day to get back to you if I miss your call. We will also have an online booking system, however, this is my first so if you have any issues call me directly on 0478 066 208. Again in the case I miss your call, please be patient and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Does REALTIME CENTRE have one entry fee or do guests have to pay per activity?

REALTIME VR is set up for closed events so your only required to pay once for the group based on the amount of players and time.
We welcome any guests that would like to watch as long as the group remains under 20 people as per our COVID safe plan

Parties, we are wondering about how parties work?

We offer a great space for big and small parties with knowledged staff that are great with kids. When you book your party with us we allow 30 minutes before your session for you to come in and setup tables, food and drinks. After your party is finished we will allow 30 minutes for you to have some cake and open presents! It is our aim to help make the birthday boy/girl/woman/man feel special on their special day! We have a birthday banner at the back of our shop so please let us know what your special person's name is so we can pop it on our banner!


Our shop hours vary from booking to booking as we have limited staff at the moment. We try our best to be open as much as we can but we assure you if you make a booking the shop, we will be open and ready for your Virtual reality experience!


It is very easy to book online if you have an account and for any new events make sure to subscribe at the bottom of the page

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